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Elips Tasarım Mimarlık

We, as Elips Tasarim set in motion our architectural journey in 1999. We witnessed the birth of many dreams by putting our signature under thousands m2 projects.

With the hope to give birth to new dreams together…

Feza Ökten Koca
(Architect-Istanbul Technical University)

Feza Ökten Koca completed her high school education in Darüşşafaka High School and her college education in I.T.U. Faculty of Architecture. In 1994, she graduated from I.T.U. Institute of Science and Technology Instıtued as an Architect, MSc. During her education she started the business life and worked in Orhan Çakmakçıoğlu Architecture Office, Emlak Bankası architecture group, Can Construction, and Percy Thomas Partnership, London office.

In 1999, Koca founded Elips Tasarım Architecture. In addition to architectural projects, she began to concentrate on interior design and application works. In 2005 she founded Elwo wood manufacturing plant with Halil Ökten. She defines architecture as not just designing buildings and spaces, but designing a life for the user. While searching for the most diverse in her works, she tries to make designs that are user-centered, sustainable, suitable for the day and embracing the future. In 2018, she won the European Property Award with the No1903 project.

She works on industrial design as well, under FEZA brand. Her designs were exhibited in 2013, 2014 ve 2015 Alldesign fairs, Design Week 2017, 3th İstanbul Design Biennial and Backtohome 2018 events. In 2016, she won the A’Design Award in Milan with one of the pieces of her FLY Collection, Boomerang chair design.

Between 2012-2017, she served as a Board Member in the Darüşşafaka Society. She is still in the project committee in Darüşşafaka Society.

Since 2017, she is a part-time academician in Istanbul Medipol University Faculty of Architecture, Design and Fine arts.

Let's make something great together

Found yourself in a wide entry with old-fashioned wainscots